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The Internet is a daunting place for anyone trying to find industry specific information. As the volumes of information continues to mount it has become evident that time-to-retrieve is the big factor everyone needs to overcome.  As we go forward, the natural evolution of the Internet is for industry specific "portals" to emerge and provide access to useful information. Well-designed web portals will allow visitors to find everything from a central location, ultimately, with single login capabilities when needed.

We realize all truck owners, fleet owners, fleet managers, and mechanics do not have the extra time necessary to sift through all the web sites available today, so we developed the "web portal" to make useful information easier to find. We provide specific content that fits the trucking industry, with links pointing to relevant information, thereby saving valuable time and providing answers. was started by industry folks and is managed by people that live and understand the trucking industry. The team understand the operational needs of fleets and is determined to provide useful information to truck owners, fleet owners, fleet managers, mechanics and any one else with a sincere interest in trucks and the tools, equipment, and supplies necessary to keep them rolling. We will continue to do this in an easy to navigate format.

We are building on the knowledge that using the Internet for business-to-business transactions necessitates a web site be easy to use and cost effective for all participants. is powered by the thoughts and efforts of trucking industry people. We maintain our close ties with folks from manufacturing, distribution, and fleet management to insure that the information we provide is what you need to make your job easier.  is maintained by Arnold Richard Massengill; a trucking industry service provider with 30 plus years of experience in fleet maintenance and management. He can be reached by phone at 423-353-7304. Email address is

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