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Anti-idling Rules are for Real

The common thread in most of the anti-idling rules imposed by cities and states (26 so far) seems to be no idling within 100 feet of a restricted area.  The restricted areas are most likely to be around homes and schools.   The time allowed to idle ranges between 3 - 15 minutes depending upon which city and state you happen to be inquiring at the time. There are exemptions to the regulations and they vary widely depending upon what city or state you happen to be concerned.  The fines imposed also vary widely depending upon the city or state.  The following link will provide information on states, cities, and county regulations.  This information is provided from  American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) and it provides a summary of the latest regulations.

The information provided by ATRI is for reference purpose only and should not be relied upon for regulatory compliance. Individual states should be contacted for the latest compliance regulations.

The EPA has plans to work with states to create consistent laws across the country.  The goal is to provide a workshop venue for industry and state officials to gather and work to eliminate inconsistencies that are confusing to affected drivers.  There are inconsistencies in time limits, exemptions, fines, and restricted areas.

The EPA divides the alternatives to idling into three broad categories: 

  • Behavioral Change
  • Technology Based
  • State and Local Anti-Idling Laws. 

Read what they say about each category at the following link on the Smartway Transport Partnership web site, Idling Reduction: Alternatives

All over North America city fathers are taking the initiative to help clean up the air.  North of the border in Mississauga Canada there is a campaign to reduce idling of all vehicles.  A web site is set up to help in the challenge. It is


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