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VMRS Code: 011-000-000 -Front Axle, 012-000-000 Rear Axle

VMRS Code: 021-000-000 - Front Axle Driven, 022-000-000 - Rear Axle Driven



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Marmon Herrington


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Wheel End Parts

Drivelines/U Joints

ArvinMeritor Inc.
2135 W. Maple Road
Troy, MI 48084
Tel:  (248) 435-1000
Fax: (248) 435-1393
Dana  Corporation
P.O. Box 1000
Toledo, OH
419  535 4500

1-800-826-HELP (U.S.A. & Canada)


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Rebuild parts up to 1 ton

Safetytrim  System

We have made an instructional video of how to correctly fit and remove the Safetytrim  system which indicates a loose wheel nut and prevents it from further  de-torqueing.

Please have a quick look at how it is done properly by an engineer : v=jKI7QzIPhrY

Wheel End Maintenance

Axle Safety Notice

Axilok unitized wheel bearing nut system can have the locking tab that inserts into the slot on the axle spindle strip without the knowledge of the installer.  If torqued to spec without watching the retainer cage for movement during the final torquing, the locking tab can strip and the lock nut becomes useless.  Follow the manufacturers installation instruction when using this type of locking nut.

Drivelines/U Joints

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Over-Torque Protection

Wheel End Parts

Dayton Parts

DAxle End

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