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The objective of any good web site that caters to a particularhanshake user group should be to build a community. is no exception in this regard.  Our main objective is to build a global community of users that will benefit from the experiences of other community members.  This unique community will include persons on both the end user side and the supplier side.   

In order for the Internet to become a viable source for conducting e-commerce in our particular industry, community members need to feel secure when transactions involve personal or company information required for buying or selling.  This has to be "priority one" for any web application used for e-commerce.  We understand this and will always provide a secure online environment for our users.

As an industry, we already have two of the three elements necessary for a successful e-commerce experience at our disposal.  These two elements are: web content, and commerce.  All that is required to have an ongoing successful experience online is to add community to the BoxBlueWmix. will pull all three elements together in such a way that using the Internet to conduct business is easy, secure, and economical for both the end user, and the supplier.  We recognize that our growing community will only benefit from the Internet if we provide the best online experience possible.

Suppliers that are willing and able to offer their products and services will realize the benefits of building an online community.  Products and services offered to users through a web-enabled program tie the manufacturer to distribution and to the end user.  Feedback from online sales provides manufacturers with valuable information on product use enabling them to control inventories inside the distribution channel and better control cost.

Distribution channels benefit from not having to carry excessive amounts of inventory in anticipation of sales.  Orders placed online are channeled through the most practical methods based on how quick the end user requires the product or service. 

The end user benefits from having access to a larger choice of suppliers.  End users go online and enjoy having access to suppliers from one secure location.  Links to each supplier web site allows the end user to access additional information if necessary. Orders are placed through a secure web application for users with online access.  If a user does not have Internet access at a particular place or time, a phone call to a distribution member will provide the same results.  Each member distributor has access to the same online web application as the manufacturer and the end user.

A central location for community members to use for e-commerce and information already exists. is providing the web application for information and e-commerce access for both end users and suppliers.  Let's face it, the vast number of supplier web sites available make it near impossible for end users to visit each unique web site and purchase product from the site.  The only successful way to build an online community of end users and suppliers is through a trusted third party web site, such as

Join with us and together we will build an online community, benefiting from the Internet of today and tomorrow. is maintained by RMS International,  Inc.

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