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Featured Articles


 How to kill a crash dummy with a tire

With the help of Michelin, TIA has just released a  Wheel End Safety video where they outline the steps that fleets can take to  prevent wheel end fires and wheel-off accidents. Also posted is a teaser on YouTube with the footage of the wheel-off that struck the parked car to encourage people to go to the TIA or Michelin website to download the entire  video.  Link to teaser video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O-e9AI3cGMA.

What Do You Know?  - Online Training From ArvinMeritor

ArvinMeritor has made changes to their Online Training site to make it easier to access and use.  Truck users, dealers and distributors can now access quality training courses and materials on the full ArvinMeritor product line with just a few mouse clicks.  To use ArvinMeritor's Online Training Library, a user logs in using an individual user ID and  password.  Read more...

How About That? - Customer Service Improvement Pays Extra Dividend

Many companies are using GPS (Global Positioning Systems) to improve customer service, provide real time tracking and improve customer responsiveness.  Battleground Tire & Wrecker Service, Inc. in Burlington, NC found additional, unexpected benefits. Read complete article...

Preventable Emergency Road Service?

At a local Maintenance Council seminar the other day, FleetNet America shared some interesting statistics from the Emergency Road Service arena that can help focus your maintenance efforts and prevent costly breakdowns.

The most surprising thing is the number of preventable events FleetNet sees on a daily basis. Read complete article...

MGM Brakes Unveils e-Stroke 1 Commercial Vehicle Brake Safety Training Van

 MGM Brakes unveiled their new e-STROKE Commercial Vehicle BrakeDSCF0109-100x Safety Training Van at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, KY, March 26-28.  

E-STROKE 1, as the van is known, will provide a highly visible "rolling" billboard focusing attention on one of the transportation industry's most talked about problems, brakes: brake inspection, brake adjustment, brake maintenance. Read the complete story...

Oil Bypass - The Modern Bypass Filter

Today's oils beg for a longer useful life.  Over the last five to 10 years oils have been improved tremendously.  The ability to withstand greater heat, improve lubricity, suspend soot and thwart oxidation are all outstanding  achievements in chemical engineering.

Regardless of the type or spec of your oil it is more important than ever to keep it clean.  The question is, "How do you clean and still allow oil to flow to the engine?"  The answer is micro bypass filtration. Read More....

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