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What Do You Know?  - Online Training From ArvinMeritor

ArvinMeritor has made changes to their Online Training site to make it easier to access and use.

Truck users, dealers and distributors can now access quality training courses and materials on the full ArvinMeritor product line with just a few mouse clicks.

To use ArvinMeritor's Online Training Library, a user logs in using an individual user ID and  password

Once signed in, the user has access to a library of training programs covering the entire ArvinMeritor product line from Foundation Brakes to Electronic Vehicle Control Systems  and everything in between.

A tutorial can be accessed to familiarize the user with how the program works.  The tutorial demonstrates how each of the areas can be accessed as well as how to take tests and keep records individually and for your work group.Example Picture, 1-29-09

Then the user selects an equipment area (Tractors, Trailers or Bus and Coach) and the type of training desired (Parts Training, Driver Training, Technical Training, etc.) and then a specific product.

Available courses cover Component Identification, System Operation and Preventive Maintenance.  In addition, there are specialized diagnostic courses for specific system components.

A user can work through the course at his or her own pace and each course has a test at the end.  If necessary, an "Ask The Instructor" link can be used to send a message directly to ArvinMeritor.

The system includes individual training reports to record progress.  Dealer and Fleet Training Coordinators can monitor the progress of individuals within an entire work group.

The site also provides a link where users can request and/or register for local or regional hands on courses (Instructor Led Training) offered by ArvinMeritor.

Future enhancements include a Virtual Classroom which will provide archived webinars or recorded online training classes.

By making online training easy to use, ArvinMeritor has dramatically advanced the availability of quality training material and more important taken a major step toward ensuring quality service and repair and user satisfaction.

For more information and to try ArvinMeritor's online training for yourself, go to TruckSavvy.com Online Training and click on ArvinMeritor-Technical Training (under the Brakes Heading).

(Note:  To log in to ArvinMeritor's Online Training, first time users need an ArvinMeritor Customer Number.  Your customer number is also known as your OWS ID or your ArvinMeritor ID.

If you are a dealer or fleet and do not know your ArvinMeritor Customer Number, contact your Warranty Manager, ArvinMeritor District Manager or phone ArvinMeritor at 800.535.5560.

If you are a warehouse distributor your ArvinMeritor Customer Number is your 'ship to' number.  Any questions, contact your ArvinMeritor District Manager.

To find the District Manager for your area, click on the Products and Services tab, then click on product area and then on Locate a District Manager under Business Tools in the lower right portion of the page.)


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