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State Farm: West Virginia No. 1 in Deer-Car Collisions
October 25, 2007

--- State Farm Insurance said its accident data reveal that West Virginia leads all other states in deer-car collisions. In fact, one out of every 57 drivers ends up hitting one.

Michigan came in second place. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Arkansas followed.

Where are drivers least likely to hit a deer? That would be Hawaii, where the odds are more than one in 16,600.


In 2007, on-highway, heavy-duty DPFimagediesel engines must meet a new stringent PM emission level of 0.01 gram per horsepower-hour (g/hp-hr) Diesel Particulate Filters will help, how exactly does it work?

Biodiesel - Renewable Fuel

Biodiesel is a vegetable oil-based fuelsoybeanimage that runs in diesel engines.  It is usually made from soy or canola oil.  Find out more information at www.biodieselnow.com

Speed!  Nine motor carriers and a public safety intSpeedLimiterest group have petitioned the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) to regulate larger on-road trucks. Read More...

Biodiesel from soybeans

What does it take to produce, and how much does it cost? Read More...

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