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Tanker Wheel Fire Videos

And If You Don't…
Tanker Wheel Fire

According to the announcer, this fire started from an overheated wheel/brake.

Makes a pretty strong case for vigilant wheel end maintenance and automated brake stroke warning systems.

Safety Story at Star Leasing Co.

Star Leasing Co. is a regional semi-trailer rental, leasing, sales and maintenance provider that currently owns nearly 13,000 semi-trailers, has 230 plus employees (most of them mechanics) and operates 9 full-service facilities including their corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.  Star has its beginnings rooted in the early 1980's when Ronald Reagan was President and deregulated the trucking industry.  The original founder & owner of Star Leasing saw an opportunity and began renting and leasing trailers in 1984 with an original fleet of less than 200 trailers.

Fast forward to 2003... (read complete article)

View the presentation from Star Leasing.  It shows the evolution of their safety program.


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