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  • If you are running a fuel/water separator manufactured with internal "o"rings you may start to experience premature failure while using ULSF and extended life coolant after 250,000 + miles of operation.  Some fleets are rebuilding to head off service failures.
  • Do you know the easiest way to check wheel bearings on a front axle with unitized hubs? Jack up the wheel in question, place a jack stand under it, rotate the wheel while placing your hand on the brake chamber.  You can feel a bad bearing through the brake chamber.
  • Mack's 04,05, & early 06 Vision with an ASET 460hp engine is notorious for throwing the serpentine belt.  If you see an idler pulley with a 1/8" shinny surface on one or both sides of the belt then you best replace the belt tensioner to avoid a breakdown.
  • Expect 150.000 to 400,000 miles between service intervals of DPF units. Volvo/Mack, and Cat say 150,000 to 300,00, DDC claims 400,000 miles before the DPF needs cleaning or replaced. Cummins is 250,000 to 400,000 miles. Of course line haul will reach the high end for all engine OEMs.
  • Bearing strap kits for bearing strap style end yokes with tapped holes1710 - 1810 series joints use bearing strap kit assembly # 6.5-70-18X.  The proper torque is 130-135 LB. FT.

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