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TruckSavvy.com; designed by  Vehicle Pros, for Vehicle Pros ; is The Source for  Maintenance, Safety and Training information and can help you reach  the Savvy Professionals you want.

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TruckSavvy.com is a "virtual truck  show" bringing information and ideas to truck users around the world  and across the industry.

The TruckSavvy.com community includes  every segment of the industry including manufacturing, distribution,  services and truck users.

Hundreds of vehicle professionals use TruckSavvy.com every week to get information and answers to their vehicle  maintenance questions.

TruckSavvy.com can bring your message directly to the  desk top of these Savvy Professionals.

For  example,  your ad can be targeted at specific customer groups through  placement on TruckSavvy.com pages devoted to your product area... or you can place your ad on our Home Page or Quick Clicks page to reach the widest audience possible.


To  learn more about how TruckSavvy.com can help you reach your Savvy  Pros, send us an e-mail at  Savvy Pro Advertising.

TruckSavvy.com Listing and Advertising Rates

Monthly Rates


Ad Size*

1 Month

3 Months

6 Months***

1 Year***

Rolling Ad on Home Page

Nominal ad size is 210x 210 pixels square**





Rolling Ad TruckSavvy.com Quick Clicks Interior Page

Nominal ad size is 210 x 210 pixels square**





Fee is due monthly in advance upon invoice. Half year and full year agreements can be billed quarterly.

Ad copy should be provided in JPEG 300 dpi format.

* For horizontal or vertical banner ad, add $10.00 to monthly rate

** For ads with animation, add $25.00 to monthly rate

*** Ads can be changed once every 90 days at no additional charge

Ads on multiple pages will be quoted on request.

Save time!  Ask TruckSavvy.com to develop your ad or campaign.   Contact  Savvy Pro Marketing for an estimate.

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