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5 Ways to Keep Your Truck Out of the Shop

A Service Manager's Thoughts

(Editor's note:  Fleets do not like to have their maintenance programs scrutinized by a dealer, especially since the dealer is believed to be looking for repair work and not geared for preventative maintenance.  But the following observations by a dealer Service Manager can help many users save on the road aggravation and expense.)

Maintenance and service on the road is at best inconvenient, at worst expensive and can be very disruptive to operations.

Experience shows that many of the faults and failures that cause problems on the road are manageable and in many cases avoidable. Go to complete article!

On Craftsmanship

(Editors Note:  This is the text of a speech recently delivered by Joe Phillips, Field Maintenance/Fleet Warranty Manager of Eagle Transport Corporation, to a group of National Technical Honor Society graduates.)


Good afternoon. Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you today. It is a privilege to be asked to participate in an event such as this. You all should be very proud of the accomplishments which have allowed you to be here today. Membership in the National Technical Honors Society is something which must be earned; you all have earned this honor by hard work & a dedication to be better than "just good enough". These qualities are both admirable & valuable.  Go to Article

How does a good fleet maintenance program suffer in a down turned economy?

Living in uncertain times while trying to meet payroll, fuel costs, tire costs, and all of the other costs involved in maintaining and operating a business, even in good times is a struggle at best. Then, the economy goes belly up, companies go out of business or downsize (all just trying to survive), and start layoffs. It's a trickle down effect. Where is it going to stop?

Since the beginning of time, the first place that companies start cutting fat from is in the maintenance of the trucks and equipment (Hoping they can gain operating capital to keep their business afloat).  Go to Article

Build Your Future with Co-op

In almost any conversation involving truck maintenance, someone will complain about the challenge of finding qualified help.

Competent, professional technicians, parts people and managers are in high demand and most anyone looking for a position has many options to choose from.  This makes it difficult to hire new people for expansion or even to keep up with attrition.

One solution is to work with you local community college or technical school to bring new people in to your business through what is known as Cooperative Education. Go to Article

Fleet Maintenance Appreciation Week

The first day of October held more than just excitement of the upcoming holidays.  At Food Lion, LLC it was the beginning of a new tradition. The first week of October was marked as the First annual Fleet Maintenance Appreciation Week.  Go to Article

Food Lion Tractor Trailer, 11-9-07

Invest for ROI

Many suppliers today are looking for the competitive edge needed to increase their sales and potential in existing accounts. 

Whether you supply parts, supplies, services, or consults, one thing is crucial to the success of your company - your customer's success and ROI.  If your product or service helps your customer be more successful…you will be more successful.  Go to Article

An Open Letter to the Trucking Industry Regarding Electronics and Modernization,

Technicians and Training

Dan Sullivan, Owner, Sullivan Training Systems

For the past ten years, I have spent thousands of hours standing before over 3000 men (and too infrequently women), teaching the skills and knowledge necessary to troubleshoot modern electrical systems on trucks. My 23 year background as a mechanic, and not an engineer, has made it possible for me to relate to these men in a way that gives me insights into their concerns and needs for their futures as truck technicians. Go to article


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