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Look Forward In Trucking...

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence leverages computers and machines to mimic the problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. Read More... (link resides outside Trucksavvy)

AI begins to take the wheel in trucking, from routing to driving

The technology must prove itself in billing and routing before becoming ubiquitous through autonomous trucks. Read More... (link resides outside Trucksavvy)

Addressing the Cybersecurity Risk of Connected Commercial Vehicles

Autonomous, connected and electric (ACE) vehicles are the future of commercial transportation. As technology innovations bring the industry closer to ACE fleets, the disruption to the logistics industry will be on par with the transformation that cloud computing and the Internet of Things is bringing across other industries. Read More...(link resides outside Trucksavvy)

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SavvyPro Picks

Summary of State Anti-Idling Regulations See EPA site for list of Regulations

This Week in Petroleum...

Retail diesel fuel prices seem to change as frequently as the tides. This is the place to find out what can influence prices.    Check here each week to read the latest from EIA

Stopping Distance Regulation

Tracking Environmental Effects

 Visit the SmartWay Transport Partnership

FleetSmart by Natural Resources Canada offers advice on energy related cost savings.

Clean Diesel Fuel Alliance Information Center  Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel and new engines and vehicles with advanced emissions control systems offer significant air quality improvement.

Technology for Clean Air Emission Control Technologies for Heavy-Duty Trucks & Buses

APU News & Resources: Auxiliary Power Units are still getting a lot of attention these days from fleets.  However, the unanswered questions are; which type and which one is the right system to install. Click on "Quick Clicks" , go to "Anti-Idle -- APU" and find a list of all the various manufacturers offering a solution.

Chain Laws: Chain laws vary from state to state.  The DOT links will have the complete chain laws in effect for each state.

Future of Trucking: "Specific  strategies and technologies are hard to predict 30 years out, but this vision  of what North American Transportation will look like in the future is good food for thought."

Click here to view a video of "future trucking"

Shop Tip

You go to get your test light or volt/amp meter out of your tool box and the leads are all tangled up and a pain to get out of the drawer. Before you put themsmalltxtown 014 back let's make a simple holder for the leads. Fold up the leads and estimate the diameter of the fold. Now cut a short piece of rubber hose that the folded up leads will fit into. Slip the folded up leads into the short piece of hose and store away. Find this and other shop tips by clicking on the link or the picture

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